Providing schools

“Latest estimates reveal that almost 25 million children are currently out of school in Pakistan of which seven million (aged between three to five years) have yet to receive some form of primary schooling.”

90% of the residents of the communities where we work cannot read or write. This means that they are often cheated and limited to heavy manual labour. Bonded labour is common in many sectors. There is an overwhelming need for education. Our primary schools are oversubscribed even though the facilities we provide are basic.

Aqueduct schools

Most of our schools are held in an open yard provided by the community. Aqueduct  provides a mat for the children to sit, a teachers’ chair and table and school books. We then pay the teacher a regular salary. The parents are so keen for their children to go to school that, poor as they are they are willing to contribute a small amount of money each week. This money does not go anywhere near to paying for the teachers but helps in a small way to the running of the school.


Without education it is complete darkness and with education it is light.

Quaid E Azam







Training of school teachers

"It’s good teachers that make a difference, not buildings." 

That’s why Aqueduct  concentrates on training and developing the teachers not on bricks and mortar

We aim to break away from traditional rote learning by developing

  • Creativity
  • Curiosity
  • Confidence
  • Citizenship


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